Why Do Asians Wear Masks (Maybe You Should too?)

Living in Korea for a while now I’ve come to realize that airpollution aint no joke. I’ve had terribly itchy scalps after my head was exposed to rain and a constant congestion after walking around town for just an hour.

My wife convinced me to start wearing a mask for the air pollution. Its the flimsy paper surgical masks that doctors wear. I thought it was kind of ridiculous at first but now I think it kinda looks cool.

So, Why do Asians Wear Masks?

First, the pollution. Asia has some crazy air pollution. China and Korea are among the worst from what I hear.

Second, it looks cool. Here’s some pictures to convince you:

Third, a lot of schools require it. My kids’ school asked to put disposable masks in their backpacks incase they decide to go outside.

Fourth, to protect others when they are sick. This is super kind. I’ve worked with people who all of a sudden are wearing a mask to work. When asked they respond, I don’t want to get you sick. So instead of staying home they come to work with a mask on to not spread their sickness.

There you have it. So the next question is…

Should You Wear a Mask Too?

Absolutely, join the club!


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